Who Are We?

Our Families and Supporters:  Alink Foundation is a nonprofit community organization in Montreal, Quebec — a group of families and supporters joined by a common bond: 

We all care passionately about young adults (18 and older) with neurodiverse challenges — that is, brain-based challenges such as intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, which are often accompanied by mental, physical and complex medical conditions.

Our Vision is a society in which neurodiverse individuals live meaningful and dignified lives within the community, not isolated from it.

Our Mission focuses on supporting neurodiverse adults and their families by providing access to the support tools they need and by developing partnerships to build:

Social and recreational activities
Lifeskills training programs
Supportive housing resources

Our Values:
Respect, Listen, Honour: Everyone is different.
Empower: Build confidence and skills.
Co-create: .Develop partnerships. Nobody can do it alone
Drive Inclusion: Foster participation and a sense of belonging.

Our Approach is to think SMALL–small groups of compatible adults, socializing, training and ultimately living together in supportive housing. Alink builds community while building skills.

History: In Spring 2016, Alink started as a grassroots group of parents whose young adult children had aged out of the educational system. What next?, we asked. Where are the services for our adult children? How will we integrate them into society and find friendship, supervised shelter, some form of work and other meaningful life opportunities?

Co-creation became our mantra. Over the past several years, Alink has been cultivating relationships with key support organizations as well as among families, the stakeholders, and building partnerships–alliances for inclusion.

Alink’s name also honors the late Aron Lieberman, of blessed memory, who cared passionately about people with special needs and who valued friendship above all– “to love your fellow as yourself,” in the words of the famous Rabbi Akiva.

Our Young Adults: Click HERE to meet some of Alink’s young adults.

Officers/Board of Directors:  Click HERE for Alink’s current officers and directors.

Membership: is open to everyone.  Click HERE for more information on how you can become a member.

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