What’s Next?

Once young adults age out of the educational system, families are often left wondering: How do we get services now?


  • Get a social worker from your local CLSC. S/he will be your front line advocate. Call your local CLSC to understand how to access the system.
  • Ask your CLSC social worker to get you into the appropriate government rehabilitation centre.
    If your young adult has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder, then you are entitled to services from one of the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ rehabilation centres. The centres are organized according to territory: CROM (part of the CIUSSS West Island), for example, for those who live on the West Island; Miriam Home & Services (part of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) for those who live in the west part of Montreal. Because of its historical development, Miriam Home is also available to Jewish clients.
    If you are not yet receiving services, make sure your CLSC social worker puts you on the centre’s waiting list. Also make sure you understand how the wait list of that centre works. For example, there may be separate lists for different programs (such as one for educational services, one for job training, one for residential housing).
  • If your young adult also has physical challenges, s/he may also be entitled to physical rehab services from your CIUSSS.


Talk to your CLSC social worker about other resources in the community. Click HERE to access the database of community resources compiled by the English Montreal School Board and by Inspirations, a newspaper focusing on special needs.

Users Committees exist for all of the rehab centres. Contact the committee to discuss services: Miriam Home or CROM or another centre serving your territory.

Are you a sibling? Click HERE to read about and join a national siblings network.

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