Young Adults

Meet some of our young adults. If you or a young adult you know would like to be featured here, please send a note and photo to:

Katherine, 37

My name is Katherine Samatha Kelsey.  Some people call me Katherine and some call me Samantha, but you can call me what you like. I am currently enrolled in the Wager Education Centre where I attend classes every day during the week.
I like to keep busy. On Sundays I have fun at cooking class.
I like to play basketball, I enjoy swimming, bowling, music and dancing.
I live with my parents and my Yorkshire Terrier Zoe who I adore.
I have great pleasure in helping other people, especially at school and at my other programs

Tyler, 27

Hi my Name is Tyler. I work at a workshop that is for people with special needs. Our warehouse packages and distributes consumer goods.
I live with my parents and two golden doodles named Conley and Harlow. I have an older sister who lives out of town.

Every Summer I go to sleeping camp. The camp specializes in teaching Life and Social skills necessary for the challenges of everyday life. I have made many friends there and keep close in contact with a number of them.

I enjoy watching and playing sports, listening to music, singing, puzzles and computer related activities. I participate in the Special Olympics bowling program and have won medals in Vancouver and Quebec City. During the year I also attend study groups and seminars to help both myself and others.

David, 25

I am a pretty happy guy. I like to read – I have been getting into audiobooks lately. I have been listening to a variety of books that I really enjoy like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.  I like to play drums and I practice at my girlfriend Caroline’s house. My drum set is there because she has a big basement and her dad has a cool studio room. I have been playing since I was 8 years old which is a long time. I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years. She is a wonderful loving person who always likes to smile. She enjoys all kinds of stuff and we get along really well with each other.  We facetime each other all the time every day. And we hang out on Fridays together. I look forward to that all week!  I live in a group home with other people and I have an excellent caregiver named Stephen. He is an awesome guy because he helps me with a lot with my stuff.  I work at Mada and I have been going there for about 3 years. I help on the computer filling out orders, making sure clients have everything they need. I like my job. I love playing video games like The Sims and Call of Duty and Fortnite. I love all kinds of movies, doesn’t matter what genre. I go everywhere on the bus and metro and love stopping by the mall or the café for a coffee or two or three…. Just kidding. And I go out to eat every week, sometimes on my own and on Wednesdays with my grandpa who I call Zayda. We are very close. And that is me!  Here is a picture of me and Caroline.

Caroline, 26

Hobbies: Dance, Hiphop & Dancehall , Baking, Music, Friends, Best Buddies, Bowling, Movies, Coffee Shops, Blogging

Work: Miriam Home stage program at Dawson College and Jewish Eldercare

Qualities: Friendly, caring, good-hearted person, funny, loves to keep busy

Favourite activities: My favourite program of all time is the Wednesday night program at the Sylvan Adams Y where we eat dinner together and play games. I also love my online fitness and cooking programs.

Caroline and her nephew

Jonathan and his mother

Jonathan, 24

Mon nom est Jonathan; j’ habite à la maison avec ma mère et mon frère Yoel.
En journée, je vais au plateau de travail Novatek, ou j’apprends a faire des tâches manuelles et éducatives. Je n’ai pas d’amis car il est difficile pour moi d’avoir des conversations et interagir avec quiconque autre que ma mère.

Je m’occupe surtout en allant voir des clips de films sur You Tube. J’adore les films entre autres ceux de Disney et Pixar. Ma sortie préférée est d’aller au cinéma et boire du coke avec du pop corn. Sinon j’aime beaucoup cuisiner, surtout les “cheese mushrooms”.
J’aime aller au Friendship Circle et au Y à leur atelier de cuisine.
J’aime aussi beaucoup aller au restaurant manger de la pizza, frites et burger, boire un chocolat chaud ou capuccino glacé.

Je m’ennuie à la maison donc j’adore faire toutes sortes de sorties et voyage.
En été, j’aime aller au camp Emergo ou je passe quelques jours avec une accompagnatrice

D’habitude je fais du sport avec l’aide de mon entraineur Ryan ou ma mère.

Jonathan and his mom, Sylvie Amar.

Ayush, 27

Ayush loves music. He has been playing piano since the age of six and also learned to play violin and harp some years ago.

He sings in the Shira Choir, swims at the Westbury Y, and enjoys playing video games.

Ayush lives in Montreal with his parents. 

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