The challenge:  Neurodiverse young adults are often underemployed or unemployed.  Many young adults want to work within the community, not in segregated environments. Job opportunities are sparse, and support, including for the employer’s team as well as for the young adult employee, is often insufficient.

The solution:  Alink promotes the work of social entrepreneurs who develop supportive job opportunities that meet individual needs, including

  • Sam Benamron, Physio Verdun, who employs several neurodiverse young adults in his physiotherapy clinics and recently became the Quebec government’s model for inclusive hiring
  • Martin Gould, Promo21, who employs many neurodiverse young adults to make custom T-shirts  
  • Eve Rochman, Zera Café and Catering, who trains and hires neurodiverse young adults to work alongside others in her catering business.  

If you are interested in hiring or learning how to employ neurodiverse young adults, Alink would love to connect with you. Please send an email to

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